Dey Engley Nutralizing Agar (DENA) ready to use plates (RTU) for environmental monitoring

Gamma irradiated, 55mm & 90mm triple-packed plates

Dey Engley Neutralizing Agar (DENA) has the proficiency to neutralize antimicrobial substances. It is extensively used in environmental monitoring plates to detect and enumerate microorganisms present on surfaces of hygienic significance.

The Ready-to-use DENA plates from Micromaster are exclusively designed for boosting the efficiency of the environmental monitoring program. DENA contact plates are the most preferred choice for routine use in air sampling equipment such as the Air Sampler and also for assessing the microbiological contamination of surfaces.

DENA plates are deliberately over-filled Contact plates such that RODAC plates acquire a dome-shaped structure. This dome-shaped structure is pressed onto the surface for sampling its microbial burden. The RODAC secure plate lid has lugs which fits between  the lid and the base to eradicate accidental contamination. These plates are touched on the surface to be sampled and further incubated at a suitable temperature for testing the microbial load. The occurrence and quantity of microorganisms are determined by the appearance of colonies on the surface of the agar medium. 

DENA Broth is applicable for environmental sampling where neutralization of the chemical is essential. This medium extensively neutralizes antiseptic and disinfectant chemicals, including iodine, phenolics, formaldehyde, quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine preparations, mercurial, and glutaraldehyde. Thus, DENA finds applications in various healthcare segments and plays a vital role in disinfectant testing.

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Non-breathable packaging system

Longer shelf life, more stability and assured sterility.

Automated production system as per cGMP

Contamination free. Avoids extra efforts in the documentation.

Unique identification with readable and scannable QR code / Barcode

Complete traceability, system driven stock and papderless work which saves time.

Dey Engley Neutralizing Agar (DENA)ready to use plates (RTU) for environmental monitoring
Dey Engley Neutralizing Agar (DENA) ready to use plates (RTU) for environmental monitoring


Replicate Organism Detection and Counting

Contact plates/55mm plates

Used for surface monitoring of micro-organisms during EM programme

Its easy for monitoring, if medium is in dome shape to stick the surface microorganisms

To neutralise the disinfectant activity while monitoring

This medium will neutralize extensively antiseptic and disinfectant chemicals, including iodine, phenolics, formaldehyde, quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine preparations, mercurials, and glutaraldehyde… It’s concentrations may vary depending on type and bacterial load.

Through disinfectant efficacy testing.

The triple packed Dey engley neutralizing plates are designed for use in Clean Rooms.

Micromaster offers irradiated triple packed media in 90 mm plates and as 55 mm contact plates for environmental and surface monitoring.

Properties of irradiated triple packed media plates:

Plates are packed in stacks of five and are labeled with product name, product code, expiration date and lot number for identification.

Plates are triple- packed with the inner bag containing a desiccant pouch, to minimize condensation.

Plates are gamma-irradiated in the final packaging at a dosage of 10-25 kGy to ensure the highest safety level.

The irradiated triple packed media plates may be stored at room temperature (20-25°C) and have a shelf life of up to 2-3 months.

The last inner bag is opened in the environmentally- controlled clean area to be monitored and the plates can be removed for use.

After removal of the plates, the inner bag with the desiccant should be removed from the area as soon as possible.

Dey engley neutralizing agar is use to isolate the microorganism from the different surfaces like cleanroom walls, laminar air flow, Sterile garments and accessories too. Below is the method for environment monitoring through Dey engley neutralizing contact plate.

1) Open the lid of plate and touch it to the sample surface.

2) Gently press at the central and close the lid.

3) Disinfectant touch surface area

4) Send the plates for incubation

5) Observe the results

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