Micromaster is a premier manufacturer of the entire range of microbiological products for industrial, pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, food and life science applications. Our products are well-established in the national as well as international market due to our incomparable quality. With over two decades of experience in the industry, our truly professional team is meticulously organized, tirelessly perseverant and result-oriented. Backed by our Think Tanks, Technocrats, Microbiologists and Sales Enthusiasts, Micromaster is confident in its capability to provide customers with supreme quality products and services.

It is our duty and pleasure to provide you with thorough indigenous originality – from Product Design and Development to Customer Satisfaction. In a constantly growing industry like ours, we work in collaboration with you to make your Microbiology needs met and business experience fruitful. Micromaster stands tall on the pillars of innovation and advancement. True to our slogan, we promise to be Culturing your needs in Microbiology…

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

To Be Amongst the Top 5 Industry Leaders And Become A Billion $ company By 2040

Our Core Values


➢ Create

➢ Simplify

➢ Improve


➢ Respect

➢ Responsibility

➢ Commitment


➢ Analyze Mistakes

➢find Solutions

➢ Perform Better

Established in 1999

World Class Manufacturing Facility in Mumbai, India

Domestic & International Presence

Quality Focused & Customer Centric

25+ Qualified & Experienced Team

Why Micromaster?

  • Indigenous development: using engineering skills in Microbiology to creative innovative and user-friendly packaging for our products.
  • New/unique/ingenious formulation in India used to maintain the anaerobic condition in our products consistently.
  • Ergonomic bottles designed by us which increase shelf life by 2 years, eliminate wastage, decrease health risk and are environment friendly.
  • Follow good manufacturing practices and adhere to stringent quality measures.
  • Diligent quality control testing pre-, post- and during production. Provide real time validation studies to support our claims.
  • Ready-to-use contamination-free environment monitoring plates/Master plates.
  • First in the industry to offer scanable and readable QR codes for plates. Removes errors, helps in easy documentation and provides complete traceability.
  • Consistent positive results of Growth Promotion Test (GPT) on media – proof of our quality products.
  • Special range of sterilized stationary products that may be used in any company, especially pharmaceutical companies, who require the same for making life-saving drugs.
  • Spray, wash and sampling bottles are made of special material which withstands high/extreme pressure and temperature.

Our Team


Rajendra Shinde


Mr Rajendra Shinde is the CEO and Managing Director of Micromaster Laboratories. He founded Micromaster Laboratories in 1995. It is under his vision, hard work and morals that the organization has reached its international horizons. He is the mastermind behind all the innovation and R&D that occurs at Micromaster and the customers benefit from.

He loves undertaking challenges and translating ideas into reality. He is currently striving to make Micromaster Laboratories an eco friendly business.Rajendra is a Rotarian and Past President at the Rotary Club of Thane Downtown. He is also a member of the Rotary Youth Exchange Board in RID 3142. He has given multiple speeches and presentations on various topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, business processes, etc. He is also an active member of the Thane Entrepreneurs Network.  He is a nature lover, ardent mountaineer and a marathon runner.Rajendra is a mechanical engineer and recently, an MBA graduate.

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Purnima Shinde


Mrs Purnima Shinde is the Founder and Technical Director of Micromaster Laboratories. It is with her vision and under her supervision that Micromaster has achieved our incomparable levels of quality. Purnima’s perfectionism and eye for minute details has trained our microbiologists to an extreme level of professionalism and scientific regard.

Developing products and keeping the quality standards above the customer expectation is her area of expertise.Purnima is extremely active in the Rotary Shiksha Abhiyan and has recently taken part in the Teach India initiative. She is a part of IFRM and has a passion for singing. Simultaneously, she is developing a sustainable agricultural farm for natural and organic products.She graduated from SIES college with a Bachelors in Microbiology and did her post-graduation at GS Medical College in Masters in Microbiology. Recently, she acquire an MBA.

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Shubhra More

Domestic Sales

Mrs Shubhra More joined Micromaster in 2013. She began her journey with the organization as a commercial executive. Quickly taking up responsibilities, she worked in various commercial departments. In 2015, Shubhra was reassigned to the Sales Department where she has been performing excellently in her capacity as the Senior Sales Executive for Domestic Market

She is your go to person for all enquiries related to our products and services for the Indian market. Shubhra has represented Micromaster Laboratories in events such as CPHI Exhibition 2016 and India Lab Expo 2018. She has also attended multiple seminars such as Basic Sales, ISO Internal Auditor Training, and Advanced Selling Skills.She has completed her graduation with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounts and Finance.


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Swati More

Export Sales

Mrs Swati More has been a part of Micromaster since 2012 and is one of the senior-most members of the organization. Over the years, she developed from Microbiologist in Production into the Assistant Production Officer in QC and QA departments.
She is currently the Export Sales Officer in Micromaster and engages perfectly with our international customers with her technical know-how in as many details as demanded.

She has represented the organization in multiple International Exhibitions such as Arab Lab 2018, India Lab Expo 2018, and has undergone multiple audits. She has also attended multiple seminars such as Basic Sales, ISO Internal Auditor Training, Export Import Training, and Advanced Selling Skills.She has a diploma in Biotechnology and a Master of Science in Microbiology and a love for travelling.

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Rupali Sabale

Quality Assurance

Ms Rupali Sabale is the senior-most member of Micromaster. She started her career with us in 2011 after completing her Masters in Microbiology. She rose the ranks of the organization quickly – beginning her climb from the Production team to the QA and QC departments. She is currently the QA officer and also heads the R&D Department of Micromaster Laboratories.

She has the professional acumen of understanding the customer’s need and guides the development of products according to them. Creating customer based solutions is Rupali’s passion.She has represented Micromaster Laboratories in multiple exhibitions and faced over 10 audits over the period of her considerable years in the organization. She has also attended multiple seminars such as Basic Sales, ISO Internal Auditor Training, Changing Patterns and Advance Selling Skills.

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Technical Literature