• Ultra-processed, gamma irradiated to minimize the particulate and bioburden counts
  • Triple-bagged packaging in compliance with ISO Class 4 and EU GMP Grade A

A cleanroom is defined in ISO standard 14644 as “a room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled, and which is constructed and used in a way to reduce the introduction, generation, and retention of particles inside the space, and in which related parameters, like temperature, humidity and pressure, are controlled, monitored and maintained as obligatory.”

Cleanroom is the pivotal zone in a pharmaceutical segment mandated for environmental monitoring programme as per cGMP/USP/Pharma. A cleanroom is premeditated to retain everything from dust, to airborne organisms, or vaporised particles, away from it, and subsequently from any kind of product that is being handled inside it.

Micromaster Laboratory is pioneer in one-stop solution for all your cleanroom requirements. We have expanded our breadth of operations to provide a wide product range of cleanroom accessories that includes cleanroom tapes, cleanroom location markers, cleanroom markers (gamma irradiated), cleanroom papers, cleanroom petri plates, weighing boats, cleanroom reagent bottles (autoclavable), cleanroom sampling bottles (autoclavable), spray bottles, wash bottles, sterile disposable spoons, maser disposable bags, sterile transport swabs (swab with tube), and much more.

Our Expertise for Cleanroom Tapes & Cleanroom Location Markers

Specially designed core and synthetic rubber adhesive

Fully autoclavable. Residue free.

Firm adherence to different surfaces

Curling, peeling and disinfectant resistant.

Easy demarcation

Avoids accidental hazards, cost effective and improved aesthetics.

Our CLEANROOM ACCESSORIES and consumables Products

Cleanroom Location Markers (cleanroom markers)
Cleanroom Location Markers
Sterile Spoon
Cleanroom Sterile Spoon
Cleanroom Sterile Tapes
Cleanroom Sterile Tapes
Cleanroom Tapes
Cleanroom Tapes
Cleanroom Papers
Cleanroom Papers
Sterile Flexi Loop
Sterile Flexi Loop
Cleanroom Pens
Cleanroom Pens
Cleanroom Bottle
Cleanroom Bottle



Non-sterile material is not allowed in the Cleanroom area because it may contaminate the products. Sterile mops, disinfectants, sterile cleanroom wipes, and vacuum cleaners, meeting the industry cleanroom standards, can be used. Food & beverages are strictly not allowed.

Fast movement is prohibited in cleanrooms as it tends to create more friction and can generate a lot of particles.

Aseptic conditions are mandatory for a cleanroom

The purpose of a cleanroom is to control an environment by restraining the presence of sub-micron particles and amending inadequate environmental conditions to manufacture and deliver safe and contaminant-free products like injectables, pharma products, sterile drugs, etc.

Multiple factors are responsible in order to keep the cleanroom clean. As per the GMP compliances it requires Good Air Handling units (AHU), air and particle filters, right operations. The material selection of equipment’s and accessories that are handled inside the cleanroom also play a vital role in sustaining the cleanliness in the cleanroom.


  1. Use GMP practices
  2. Use SOP for all Operations
  3. Regular Environmental Monitoring
  4. Check personnel hygiene
  5. Ensure that the doors are closed to maintain a positive pressure.


  1. Do not talk after entering into the area if not necessary
  2. Do not run, it will disturb unidirectional flow of  air in cleanroom area
  3. Avoid food , drink etc

As per GMP guidelines and regulatory practices, actively monitoring the air pressure, regular area monitoring, cleaning validation process etc. should be executed for maintenance of a cleanroom.

There are two types of cleanrooms

  1. Unidirectional flow cleanrooms
  2. Turbulently ventilated

Classification of cleanroom depends on the maximum number of particles permitted per cubic meter of air >0.1 micron.

Class 1-10, Class 2 -100, Class 3-1000, Class 4-10,000 Class 5-1,00000 etc.

Pharmaceuticals products have direct impact on human health and life expectancy so it requires strict cleanliness, aseptic practices, sterile environment and regular environmental monitoring to avoid any contamination in the products.

Polyester foam swab is widely recommended for surface sampling and cleaning-validation work owing to its good absorbency and low lint properties. This swab is an ideal choice for controlled cleaning and sampling of large areas as well as for cleaning broad surfaces and flat areas.

There are many reasons to perform Cleanroom Validation, viz.
1. Ensuring the design of the facility meets its intended purpose.
2. Ensuring if the facility, equipment and environment are appropriate for the quality goods.

Uses of sterile swab

Sterile swabs can be used to test the level of microbial contamination on various surfaces such as air conditioning units, kitchen equipment, hospital wards, spas or any other place, critical areas/walls,pharma critical equipments and processing pipelines. Also it is used mainly in diagnostic for collection and transportation of specimen for recovery and identification of microorganisms.

Uses of sterile flexiloops

Sterile flexiloops are used for bacterial inoculation in microbiological procedures like sampling, serial dilutions and streaking of suspensions.


Steri-master’s ultra-processed, gamma irradiated vinyl tape helps to limit particulate and bioburden counts. These vinyl tapes are ideal for masking, wrapping or sealing curved or irregular surfaces eg. sealing of plastic bags, containers, bottles in the cleanroom, sealing of lab coats, wrist cuffs etc. Maybe used as a label in the cleanroom.



To test the level of microbial contamination present on various surfaces such as air conditioning units,critical areas / walls,spas, processing pipelines, hospital wards, kitchen equipment and pharma critical equipment sterile swabs are used. For collection and transportation of samples (specimens) for recovery and identification of microorganisms, sterile swabs are used in diagnostics.

Weighing boat, sterile is widely used in weighing of chemicals where controlled conditions are required mainly in the cleanroom in life science research, food, bio-pharmaceutical, environmental and molecular research environments.

Micromaster master sampling bottles (autoclavable) are particularly designed for taking samples, handling, transporting and storing them.  As per work requirements and protocol of the laboratory, Master sampling bottles (autoclavable) can also be used to fill an extensive range of samples.

The Steri-Master Marker is used for marking and lettering in cleanroom areas.  In dust free environments, gamma irradiated steri-master markers are used for permanent marking of special cleanroom and laminated papers. Micromaster’s Steri-Master marker is also used for labeling on almost all materials such as paper, glass,cardboard and plastics, etc.


Steri-Master cleanroom environmental monitoring location markers are used for easy identification of settle plate and air sample

Master wash bottle (autoclavable) are used for storing & dispensing the liquids, for rinsing numerous pieces of laboratory glassware such as test tubes, round bottom flasks etc.

Cleanroom Spray Bottles are used for spraying thin and non-viscous chemicals.

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