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Micromaster is a premier manufacturer of the entire range of microbiological products for industrial, pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, food and life science applications. Our products are well-established in the national as well as international market due to our incomparable quality.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, our truly professional team is meticulously organized, tirelessly perseverant and result-oriented. Backed by our Think Tanks, Technocrats, Microbiologists and Sales Enthusiasts, Micromaster is confident in its capability to provide customers with supreme quality products and services.

It is our duty and pleasure to provide you with thorough indigenous originality – from Product Design and Development to Customer Satisfaction. In a constantly growing industry like ours, we work in collaboration with you to make your Microbiology needs met and business experience fruitful. Micromaster stands tall on the pillars of innovation and advancement. True to our slogan, we promise to be Culturing your needs in Microbiology…

To develop and manufacture Microbiology products as innovative solutions to increase efficiency in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetic, food and water, and R&D industries.

Micromaster continuously improves and increases its production to meet customer’s requirements…
We are an ISO Certified Company with multiple certifications and accolades
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