Senior Technical Sales Support Executive


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Micromaster is a leading manufacturer of the entire range of microbiological products for industrial, pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, food and life science applications. Since more than 2 decades we are partners to many major Pharma companies / Diagnostic Facilities / Government Institutions / Major Hospitals in India and also overseas. We have a history of working with organisations which value quality, Innovation and agile working culture.

We Manufacture only what we are good at and so we are focused on a short product list. We are proud of our team who prefer being with us for more than a decade sharing, learning and growing together.

We are proud to make our products in India. Our facility employs completely automated human free machines, where the products are made and packed automatically all under Class A with no human intervention. This leaves no room for chance, we can deliver consistent quality every time, all the time.

Go Green is the philosophy that we follow in all our business practices. We believe in generating minimum waste, recycling and reusing whatever possible and keeping our carbon footprint to the lowest.

Our Plants are open to Customer Audits, we believe in delivering what we say.

Our Mission

To develop and manufacture Microbiology products as innovative solutions to increase efficiency in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetic, food and water, and R&D industries.

Our Vision

Innovation [➢ Create ➢ Simplify ➢ Improve]
Integrity [➢ Respect ➢ Responsibility ➢ Commitment]
Introspection [➢ Analyze Mistakes ➢ Find Solutions ➢ Perform Better]

Our Value

To Be Amongst the Top 5 Industry Leaders And Become A Billion $ company By 2040.